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Finally invoved in Open Source :)

Changes to phpCairo

Some changes have been made to phpCairo extensions …. the naming convention has been changed …
instead of cairoClassname it is now CairoClassname.

Added some extra features that have been supported in Cairo 1.6 to the framework.
At present clueless about the Quartz surface and win32 surface ….


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Structure Ready

Phew !!!
Finally the structure of phpCairo is ready as an XML file that is supposed to be used in PECL_codegen to generate the starting code. Now the tough part starts and finally I will be able to reply to my mentors only question … “Show me the code !!”
Writing the XML file taught me a lot about the working of Cairo and now have a broad vision of how Cairo works ….
Its now time to Fill in the Blanks ..

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My first git push :)

After some struggling I was finally able to push some thing on the git server .. repo.or.cz …
The project is http://repo.or.cz/w/phpCairo.git.

Fall backs to be avoided : use git push git+ssh://[username]@repo.or.cz/srv/git/phpCairo.git master

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pyCairo sucks

Why is pyCairo not documented … making my life miserable 😦 … have to go back to C++ for there documentation.

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PECL Codegen problem solved

Had to compile my php with ctype and tokenizer to get my PECL Codegen working.

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Command Meme

$ history | awk ‘ {a[$2]++ } END {for (i in a) { print a[i] ” ” i}}’ | sort -rn | head
105 ./a.out
76 gcc
56 cd
55 ls
53 sudo
34 vi
15 pecl-gen
15 gvim
13 man
8 startx

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Drivel Installed

Just installed Drivel …. for wordpress please use movable type and add xmlrpc.php to your webserver address

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Yey – GSOC

Yep … finally the results are out and this summer is going to be Legen …. dary. Three exciting months of coding that too paid :). It cant get better than this.

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