Akshat Gupta

Finally invoved in Open Source :)

I am Back

After I got through GSOC, I was really committed to open source and had decided that I would keep contributing to the community. But come August and things changed. After I started my graudate studies time could no longer be found for open source development. Writing this blog entry after 4 months is a proof of how busy a grad like can be. I was fortunate to have good mentors like Anant and Elizabeth who took phpCairo from where I had left it. I would like to thank and apologize for the same.

On the bright side, I did make some projects that I am going to open source. On of them is a peer to peer file system with no centralized server. Tough this project was made for grading purposes but the spec can be easily changed to what ever is required. It taught me a lot and hope it comes useful to someone else 😛 .

Anyway I am looking forward to mid December to take a big break and if things go as planned I would love to get in touch with phpCairo again.


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