Akshat Gupta

Finally invoved in Open Source :)


Yes … After a lot form filling(Trick Form) I have been granted the cvs access where i can push the cairo bindings (which was phpCairo) on to PECL.
Lot of things changed on the way … the entire naming convention of each method was changed to Camel Case … Apart from that I had to remove all the traces of phpCairo and so its only Cairo now (Not so cool) .
One of the best (worst) challenges came when I had to return a CairoContext object from php-gtk … Initially I had not planned for it so I had to do lot of further changes and tested it first on a sample extension and then moved on to php-gtk …. As the methods were not defined in php-gtk I asked my mentor Elizabeth to help me out. After some struggle with php-gtk (a noob in that) I could return the CairoContext object ….

But the problem was far from solved. In spite of getting the object we were having difficulty in getting it printed …Again Elizabeth came to rescue and wrote an excellent gtk+, pygtk converted php program and gave it for test .. Hurray it worked !!!!

As of now it seems everything is working properly but Elizabeth just informed me that C gurus will be checking the cairo extension … so now I am waiting cross-fingered …..

Its time I pushed my extension …. before that I would like to thank both my mentors … Anant and Elizabeth for there support throughout the process …. Thanx for solving my stupid doubts …


July 16, 2008 - Posted by | gsoc

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  1. You’re doing well, get the code up so we can get the reviews over with and other people can start playing (and finding bugs, lucky you)

    Comment by Elizabeth Smith | July 16, 2008 | Reply

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