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Finally invoved in Open Source :)

phpCairo Update

This is for my mentor …
The Path class and the Pattern class have been completed ….
I have tested them to some extent .. but intensive tests are still to be carried out …
Any way …


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Pit Falls for “C side” php Extensions – I

Just thought of documenting all the pit falls that I went through 😉 :
1. For returning an object from a method use init_object_ex() instead of init_object() as this would help one to distinguish the object then and there so that there is no ambiguity.
2. Never forget to increase the reference count of an object so that the object is not destroyed earlier than expected .. believe me it can happen !!!

Well I am not able to think about other pit falls that I came across … but will surely update this as soon as I remember one …

Till then … as my mentor puts it … “Show me the code !!!”

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