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phpCairo Tutorial – I

Cant stop myself from writing this post … I need to tell someone how the code will look on the php user space 😉

Yes this tutorial is about implementing the Hello World Program 🙂

PHP Code :

$sur = new CairoImageSurface(0,400,400);
$con = new CairoContext($sur);
$con->show_text(”Hello World”);
$con->set_source_rgb(1.0, 0.0, 0.0);

End PHP Code


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Yes Context class … you are almost finished

After lot of frustrating moments (Hey coding is all about that) the context class is complete baring a strict testing ….
The good news is that it has passed the first test and I was able to implement the Hello World program …. 🙂
One major issue that I came across was the representation of various return values … At the moment everything is being returned as associative arrays but this can be changed if the need arises. ….
Forgetting all that it is an accomplishment so ….
Cheers !!!

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